How To Keep a Metal-Framed Door in Good Repair

Metal-framed doors are highly durable and should last for many years. However, you will need to keep them properly maintained if you are to get the best use out of them. Here is a quick guide to looking after your metal-framed doors.

Inspect the frame

Firstly, inspect the frame regularly for any problems. Any dirt or other debris should be removed as soon as possible, as this could damage the frame over time. If the frame is painted, make sure that none of it has flaked off, as this forms part of the weatherproofing of the door. You should also ensure that there has been no buckling of the metal. Any problems with the structure of the frame will need professional repair.

Clean the frame

To make sure all dirt is thoroughly removed, you should clean the frame using special solutions. Use a rag dipped in the cleaner to wipe away any dirt or grit, and then wipe it with a clean rag.

Check the hinges

A door is only as good as its hinges. Check that the hinges on the door frame are not loose and are in good condition. You should lubricate the hinges every year to ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly.

Check for rust

Rust is unlikely to be a problem with modern metal door frames, but older frames can be prone to corrosion. It is most easily removed if you treat it as soon as possible. If the rust is superficial it should be easy to remove it manually with a brush. If the corrosion is more severe, however, it will almost certainly need professional treatment to repair the frame.

Repair dents

Any dents or scratches in the frame should be filled as soon as possible. This is easy to do by using an auto-body filler. Mix the filler up according to the instructions, and then apply using a knife. If the dents are deep, use several thin layers of filler to fill them, as this will keep it in place more easily.

Use the professionals

If there are more serious problems with your metal-framed door, or you do not feel confident about making the repairs yourself, don't hesitate to call in a professional repair service to keep your door in full working order.

Provided you keep your metal-framed door in good repair, there is no reason why it should not last the lifetime of the building. For more information about maintaining metal framed doors, reach out to a local supplier.