How to Choose the Best Security Door for Your Home

A good security door can be just what you need to keep your home safe and secure, without the hassle and cost of a complicated alarm system that might trigger unexpectedly, or which children and even some adults may struggle to operate! Because there are so many security doors on the market, and you want to ensure your home improvement budget is spent wisely, note a few details to remember when you're ready to shop for your new door.

Buy local

It's good to buy locally made doors so that you support your local economy, but you also need to consider how quickly you can get a new or replacement door, if needed. If your security door gets damaged, or if the door that is shipped to your home isn't the right choice for any reason, trying to work with an overseas company can cause delays in addressing these problems. Your door may need to be shipped back overseas to that company for a replacement, or even for repairs. This can mean waiting weeks for a new door, whereas a local company might be able to make repairs, or get your new door to you, much more quickly.


Steel is very durable and strong, consider aluminium or vinyl if you're thinking of installing the door on your own. This is because a steel door can be very heavy and cumbersome, and it may not be a DIY installation job you can easily handle. The lighter weight of aluminium or vinyl can make the door easier for a homeowner to install, and it may also put less stress on the framework of an older home that won't hold up a heavy steel door so easily.

Hinges, locks, and handles

A security door should have hidden hinges so that the door itself can't be pried off those hinges, and a thick and heavy deadbolt. Note, too, the connectors on the outside of the door handle and locks. These connectors, meaning screws and bolts, for the locks and handles should be sunken and actually inside the door or hardware itself, so that they cannot be reached easily from outside the door. If a door handle or lock has accessible screws or bolts on the outside of the door, they can be easily removed by someone outside your home! Avoid locks and handles that are surface mounted, meaning their hardware and connectors are on the surface of the door, for added security and safety.