How to Make Garage Doors Safer for Elderly Relatives

Are you worried about your elderly relative's ability to use their garage door safely? Perhaps the door is hard to open and you're concerned about potential injuries? Or maybe theft is an issue in the local area? Whatever the problem, there are plenty of adjustments you can make to ensure that your relative's garage door is as safe as possible. Keep reading for three solutions to common garage door safety issues. Don't wait until a problem occurs to take action — you know you'll regret it.

Install a Remote Control Door 

While many seniors insist on continuing to do everything for themselves, getting older means that simple tasks can now cause serious injury. If your relative currently has an up-and-over garage door, they may struggle to open it fully, risk injuring themselves through over-exertion and struggle to close the door securely when leaving home. Installing a door that's operated by remote control is the best solution, as your relative will simply push a button to open or close the door. If that's not an option, go for a sliding or panelled door instead, as these are less strenuous to open.

Ensure the Door Is Fitted with Safety Sensors 

While automatic doors are the easiest to operate, they do come with risks if they're not properly installed. Make sure that your relative's door comes with safety sensors that automatically stop and reverse the motion of the door the moment they're triggered. This means that if your relative steps close to the door while it's moving, they won't be hit, trapped or crushed. It also offers protection to any pets or small children in the household who may run too close to the door without realising the danger. 

Monitor Their Garage Door Activity with a Smart Remote 

Did you know that some garage door openers allow you to monitor activity even when you're not at home? If your relative usually leaves the house at set times, being able to monitor their garage door for any unexpected activity is really useful. If you notice that the door is open when it shouldn't be, you can alert your relative, go over to check on them or notify police if you suspect a break-in. This provides peace of mind for you and your relative, and it's also useful if they go away on holiday.

Concerned that your elderly relative's garage door isn't safe? Making a few simple adjustments can reassure you both.