Three Warning Signs That You Need to Replace Your Glass Doors

Unlike other items in your home's repair and maintenance checklist, when to replace your sliding glass doors isn't so clear. In most cases, glass door replacements can be one of the most common yet trickiest types of door repairs.

Sometimes replacing your door frame or the entire unit is the only way to combat the inevitable complications of aging glass doors. These warning signs are a good indication that upgrading your glass door is no longer an option, but rather a necessity.

Gaps in the door

If you start to notice small gaps in between your sliding glass doors or in between the glass and the frame, it could be the reason your energy bill has become unusually high. Gaps in your sliding glass doors could be the reason you are losing energy from inside your home to the outside.

If the gaps aren't visible enough, have someone use a flashlight outside your door at night to see if light will stream through. Light streaming through the door calls for immediate door replacement to avoid footing a large heating and cooling energy bill.

By upgrading your glass door, take advantage of new energy efficient technologies to prevent unnecessary air leakage from in or outside your house. Just like windows, sliding glass doors play a major role in your energy bills. Make sure they do not cost you money you should be saving.

Your doors no longer perform properly

Do you experience trouble opening and closing your glass doors? Sometimes the reason your sliding glass door proves difficult to open is because it has misaligned from its tracks. Also, sliding glass doors can be hard to work with due to excess dirt and grime built up on the tracks. Lubrication can help you open or close the door, but this is only a short-lived solution.

In some occasions, the frame or rollers on your doors could have sustained damage. Regardless of the cause, if your glass sliding doors no longer perform properly, it's important to replace them to avoid further tragedy or damage to your home. Aged glass doors

In some homes, it may be necessary to replace glass doors due to their old age. Having an aged glass door is almost similar to having no barrier at all. Aged glass doors have taken a beating over time and have been exposed to huge temperature changes. Over time, glass doors stretch and contract over many summers and winters and if left unchecked support deteriorates and the doors can begin to sag.

Some doors have metal support bars that may corrode or detach further weakening the glass. Since the structural integrity of aged glass doors is usually compromised, its time for a much-needed replacement.