Commercial Roller Shutters: Prolonging the Service Life of Your Doors

Roller shutters are beneficial features for your commercial premises. In simple terms, these doors have an appealing look which will enhance the general aesthetics. Well-maintained business space exteriors will draw in more clients. Also, roller shutters will strengthen the security of your property. The structure is made of resilient steel, so the material cannot be dented or torn easily. Your premises will have improved protection against burglars. Additionally, these doors do not require extensive maintenance. You will only need to perform light upkeep task to preserve appeal and extend the service life. Here are some simple guidelines on caring for your commercial roller shutters.

Perform Regular Profile Cleaning

You should make time for regular cleaning of your commercial roller door. If the door is neglected, the exterior aesthetics will decline. In general, you should not allow dust and grime to accumulate on the shutter profile. Fortunately, the surfaces are easy to clean. Ideally, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down the material. This will get rid of dust and dirt. If there are oil stains, you can add some pH neutral soap to your water. The detergent will cut through the grime. After washing, rinse properly to prevent detergent stains. Remember, corrosive cleaning solutions, and abrasive sponges will ruin the finish, so you should avoid these items.

Clear the Tracks

The shutter tracks are essential for the proper operation of the commercial doors. They allow the structure to slide up and down smoothly, ensuring convenience. Unfortunately, if they are not cared for regularly, they will accumulate dirt, debris and grime. These materials will cause the door to stick during operation, preventing secure locking. Therefore, you should check and clean these track elements often along with the bottom bar. Ideally, you should clear the built-up dirt by brushing gently or using a soft sponge. You should also polish the tracks with some mineral turpentine and a cloth. Do not apply oils or grease because these could attract more dirt. 

Use Some Lubricant

Finally, you should check the condition of the moving elements in the door. These roller shutter features such as the chain, rollers and springs can experience friction as they lose their original lubrication. This degradation will cause the door to be unusually loud. Also, the resistance between the components might accelerate the damage and failure of the shutters. Therefore, you should spray some lubricant on these elements to ensure that the roller doors keep functioning smoothly and consistently for the foreseeable future.