4 Reasons to Choose a Shower Screen

The primary objective of building a shower screen is to have some privacy while you shower and prevent the water from making a mess in the rest of the bathroom area. Shower screens come in different blueprints. They can be wall-like or made of some fancy material such as marble or glass to throw in an elegant look. Check out the details below for some insight into glass shower screens.

1. The Glass Is Customisable to Your Needs 

The screens come in tinted or frosted glass, which is tempered and treated to strengthen and make it durable. Additionally, the glass is scratch-proof. Assuming you are overseeing the installation of your shower screen, the choice of glass you make may ride on the tone of your shower. The tinted glass would blend in well with brighter colours. The non-tinted frosted glass best adapts to various background shades, making it ideal for a wide range of bathroom decorations.

2. They Come in Different Designs

Shower screens could be frameless, fully framed or partially frameless. Light material such as aluminium is used to curve out the frames. All three designs are popular, though you still have the liberty to modify. It all comes down to factors such as cost, aesthetics and ease of cleaning and maintenance of the shower screen.

3. Shower Screen Doors Are Extreme

You can get a pivot door shower screen where the door swings in either direction (inward or outward) to grant access. If you have a fully or partially framed design, you may opt for the sliding door technique. The more traditional swing door type of shower screen is also an option on the table. Lastly, you could decide to go big on your shower and make it a walk-in where the fixed panel shower screen best complements this type of amenity. 

4. Value Addition

Whether it's a glass door, a glass partition somewhere in your house or a glass shower screen, a proper glass finishing always brings out a sleek look. Realtors can attest that sophisticated home interiors are part of the value proposition that can make your home readily marketable.

So, if you have plans to redo some of the rooms in your house before putting it on the market, you might want to consider a glass shower screen in the bathroom. It can be one of the selling points to entice potential buyers and hopefully close a deal.