How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door

How much thought do you give to your garage door? Frequently the garage is overlooked in favour of other areas of your property. It's often easier to think about repainting your doors and windows and checking that your roof is safe than to worry about the state of your garage door, but it shouldn't be that way. Your garage door is an important part of the exterior of your property and you must take proper care of it to make certain that it remains safe, secure, and not subject to decay. If you decide that you need to call in some garage door contractors to replace your garage door then there are some questions you must consider to find the perfect new door for your garage.

Which sort of door would be best?

While it is easy to think that all garage doors are the same, a walk through your neighbourhood will show that this is not the case. As you walk down your street you may see a combination of timber garage doors, roller garage doors, sectional garage doors and the always popular 'up and over' garage doors. If you aren't sure about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of door then your local garage door contractors will be able to explain which type of door would be most suitable for the way that you use your garage. Characteristics that you will want to consider include the following.

The strength and durability of the door — Your new garage door must be strong and will need to last for a long time before it needs replacement.

How secure the door can be made — You will need a door that will prevent any undesirable individual gaining access to your garage and taking your car and anything else that you have stored there.

How quietly the door can open and close — If you need to leave home in the early morning or late at night then it is important to buy a garage door that doesn't wake the neighbours every time it is opened.

How much space the door takes when it opens — space is always at a premium and many garage doors occupy space when they are open. That might be space in front of the garage preventing you from parking there, or it could be space inside the garage as the door swings inwards. Think about how you will use the space when selecting your garage door.

Talk to your garage door contractors about which type of door would be best.