Are You Sure That Your Premises Comply With Fire Safety Regulations?

Managing a business is a complicated matter. You will have to think about satisfying your customers and keeping your staff happy while making a profit. In addition to that, you have all of the business administration and property maintenance to consider. One of the essential property-related tasks that you can't ignore is ensuring fire safety.

Are you prepared for a fire?

Nobody ever expects that their building will catch fire but it does happen to someone every day and if if you have not made adequate preparations then the effects could be disastrous. Preparing for the possibility of fire involves examining your building and buying appropriate safety equipment such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, hoses, and fire blankets, but it is also about much more than that. There is no point buying protective equipment and ignoring it. Unless you engage in regular fire protection testing it is likely that your equipment will be defective or even missing when you need to call upon it in an emergency.

Arranging for fire protection testing

In most areas, fire protection testing is a legal requirement. You must have an established regime in place and you must be able to demonstrate that adequate fire protection testing has taken place. In most cases, this will mean working with an established company who will visit your premises and check every item of equipment and ensure it is ready for use should it be needed.

What to expect during fire protection testing

The purpose of fire protection testing is to ensure that your premises meet the requirements of the Australian Standards. To be able to declare you compliant, the inspecting company must examine both the position and condition of each piece of equipment and relate that to how your premises are used. The requirements for fire extinguishers, fire blankets and the rest of your protective gear will naturally vary depending on what the risks are in every part of your building. If you have any concerns the technicians can tell you what type of fire extinguishers you should have installed and where they will need to be placed. They will also be able to advise on whether a location needs a fire blanket and how it can be best installed.

To find out more about the requirements of fire protection testing talk to your local company today they will be delighted to explain how they can help you become fully compliant and protect your staff and premises. Reach out to a fire protection testing service today.