Should You Choose Frosted or Clear Glass for Your Shower Screens?

If you're installing a new shower, you might be wondering whether you should use frosted or clear glass? Which is best depends on your priorities. To help you choose what's right for you, read on.

A Private Shower Experience

If your main concern is privacy, you may prefer a frosted enclosure. Rather than being totally open, these screens obscure the view so you can enjoy some seclusion while showering. The choice of frosting isn't simply all or none — it can be more or less translucent. Sometimes it blocks the view into the shower so you can barely see through the screens. Frosting can also be more slight so that it blurs the view only softly.

As well as choosing different levels of transparency, you can install screens with frosting on selected areas of the glass. For example, you could install panels with a horizontal frosted band along the middle sections, while the screens' top and bottom are transparent. That way, you can enjoy privacy while creating a brighter shower and bathroom that allows light flow. 

With frosted screens, you can add beautiful decorative etchings. For example, the screens could display raindrops, geometric shapes, and other patterns that add visual interest and beauty to your bathroom. Frosted screens aren't as shiny as transparent glass — they emit a soft glow without glare, helping to keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing.

An Open and Bright Bathroom

Rather than privacy, your chief concern may be to open up your bathroom so that it feels spacious and bright. You may crave this if you have a small area with a small window that doesn't let in much light. One approach to achieve this is to install transparent polished shower screens, which reflect light to brighten the bathroom. Transparent screens make a room feel larger as they don't separate the shower from the rest of the room, which feels bigger as a result. 

You might notice a green tinge in standard transparent glass, which arises from the iron within. If you want to remove this tint and install crystal clear panels, fit low-iron glass specially made with less iron to eliminate the cast. If you want to increase the space-enhancing power of a clear glass shower, think about the framing. Frameless screens produce the most spacious effect as they don't feature metal edging that visually divides the shower area from the rest of the room.

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