5 Ways That Security Screens Can Protect You and Your Home

If you are looking for a simple but effective way to beef up your home's security, consider adding security screens to your windows and doors. Security screens provide protection from a number of unsavoury elements, not just intruders.

With the addition of security screens to your windows and doors, you and your home can have reliable protection from the following unwanted elements.

1. Keep out burglars

The highest quality security screens undergo tests to ensure they can withstand impacts, knife attacks and pulling forces. These rugged stainless steel security screens can keep out burglars that might attempt to enter your home via your windows or doors. If you spend a lot of time away from home, security screens can keep out anyone wishing to break in while you are away.

2. Keep out pests

Security screens are similar to insect screens in that they are made of mesh. However, while insect screens cannot withstand the attack of a determined intruder, security screens can. They can also keep out insects. So, if you wish to open your windows to let in some fresh air on hot days, you can do so with security screens, safe in the knowledge that pests and people can't get into your home.

3. Keep fire at bay

Many security screens undergo fire testing too. If you wish to add an additional layer of fire protection to your home, then add security screens with proven fire protection capabilities to your windows and doors. And be sure to select security screens that you can open easily if you need to escape from your home in the event of an indoor fire.

4. Protect your windows during storms

Storms can often become severe in Australia. If your windows are unprotected during a severe storm, they could suffer damage from flying debris. If you live in a storm-prone area, security screens can help you feel safe while you stay warm and dry indoors.

5. Protect curious children and pets

Sometimes, windows can be dangerous for children and pets when they become curious about the outside world. This is especially true for upstairs windows and young children. If your pets or children have a habit of trying to open or get through your windows or insect screens, security screens can provide a durable and impassable barrier.

Are you considering adding security screens to your windows and doors? By adding security screens to your home, you can increase your home's level of security and safety in the various ways mentioned in this article.